At the risk of sounding crazy, I’ve replaced my toes with grapes.


dihydrogen Monoxide is a terrible thing.



Knife. Balloons. Fire ants. Put fire ants in balloons. Inflate balloons, hang over roommate’s bed. Stab balloons in the night. Run.

mmmm can i put confetti in these balloons as well? i feel like it would add a nice touch.

Glad you asked. What you need to do is to get into his office somehow, preferably when he has left. Instead of stealing anything or the like, turn everything upside down. If he has bookshelves, turn those upside down, along with the books. desk too.

Oh ho ho.. i could actually do this with the help of my peers :3 hmmm

or i could just go and steal his test answers

that would be good too :)

If you have access to it—Guyaki Yerba Mate. Don’t mean to sound like some stupid hippie, but I’ve found it has a better caffeine progression and can last longer. No real hard crash. BUT IF NOT YES, DOWN THE COFFEE LIKE IT WAS YOUR LIFE-FORCE.

Hmm, i’m always game for something new. I’ll have to add it to my grocery list :)

Until then… *le sigh* coffeemate here i come.

diggin’ the hat. Makes you look like a 90s rapper. and that’s a good thing.

are we talking about the puppy dog here?

We’re talking about best friend/folk band mate/new years hook up/prom date/5 year ongoing saga boy.

You give me too much credit, Mr. Jameson often gives me these ideas when we are partying and it just happens. And I’m working on that book.

Ah, Mr. Jameson. A friend to us one and all. He’s done you good.

Go to a friends house and somehow have them go out or something. Then move the furniture around in their house and when they return, act all discombobulated and freaked out and say they were the victim of a drive by feng suei artist.

Omg stop with all the best ideas all the fucking time. You’re making us all look bad.

Write a book already omg i want to buy it.

Vaporize them, I would say.

Good thing i just bought a nifty pocket sized vaporizing gun.

Exactly. And thus why no one should ever fuck with the V at a party unless it’s approved by the V. Otherwise, said person will vainly grasp at redemption, but be denied and have a vestige of their violation marked on their soul.

Thank you! This is some serious business! I didn’t sign up to have a puppy dog follow me around a party. Time to smack some bitches, na mean?


One then should use the V in a manner not dissimilar to a vendetta. Use the V for Vengeance and Vigilantism. Vex the Vox Populi at the Voracious party with the V. Vagrants, the Vacant and the Vanquished cower at the Voluptious and the powerful V.

The V has more power than the Queen. The V knows what you’re thinking and what you’re going to think. It’s all knowing.